“At One In A Million, we have compassion for children and young people; we work with a sheer honesty and integrity to ensure that we represent well the children and young people, our charity and our city whilst striving to bring excellence to them”. (co-founder Wayne Jacobs).

Our vision and values are child centric placing them at the heart of all that we do. And so are our core values; compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence – they are the DNA that runs throughout our charity shaping our culture and ethos. They inform the behaviours of all trustees, governors, staff and volunteers. We believe that every child is unique and valued.

We constantly challenge ourselves to ensure that this sentiment is not just rhetoric, but is true all the time.

We often get asked where our name came from. We point people the story of the ‘Boy and the Starfish’. Please read it on the window picture above and enjoy!