The content of our curriculum is designed to ensure that learners are equipped with the basic, emotional and social skills needed to re-engage with learning and become involved in their communities in a positive way.

Sports, Arts and Enterprise, are embedded in all areas of the curriculum, which provides significant opportunities for project based learning and collaboration – essential experiences for our students in the Provision.

To ensure that all students become fluent and confident in the fundamental skills of numeracy and literacy, requires a significant commitment in terms of both time and learner engagement. Appropriately differentiated activities enable each young person within the provision to access every teaching and learning opportunity available and in addition, personalised literacy and numeracy support programmes, are an integral aspect of the daily Personal Guided Learning time; providing each learner with an opportunity to establish or consolidate core skills at a pace and in a manner appropriate to their specific need/s.

Emotional Support: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of Students:

As our school name suggests, we value every student and adult as being unique and our values, expressed through the ‘Leader in Me’ programme, promote self-reflection and individual development. Our SMSC policy supports and reinforces the aims of One In A Million, valuing all students and staff equally and as individuals. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development is critical for individual students, as it is for society as a whole.