Anti-bullying team presents to city leaders

One In A Million’s Positive Lifestyle department has been asked to give a presentation about tackling anti-bullying to councillors and headteachers across the Bradford district.

The team will describe their pioneering work to Bradford Safeguarding Children Board during the talk in May 2016 and explain how they focus on creating responsible citizens.


Positive Lifestyle delivers 10 prevention educational programmes from the Personal, Social, Health and Economic education framework (PSHEe) to Year 3 to Year 6 primary school pupils in Bradford. Subjects covered include relationships, diversity and drug education.

There has been a 55% increase in the number of anti-bullying workshops in the past 18 months, which indicates the issue is on the rise in schools.

A teacher from Margaret McMillan Primary School, whose pupils have been taught the anti-bullying programme, said: “The children have taken valuable life-tips. One child said, “Miss, I think I need to apologise to [anonymous] because I called her a name, and that’s bullying.”

Teacher Clare Sharpe, who delivers the training, said: “Positive Lifestyle may not eradicate bullying completely, but by giving our children the chance and opportunity to speak out, we believe as we can play our part.

“We can make an impact – together with parents, teachers, schools and others – in reducing the statistics of all types of bullying in our city and raise up model citizens in the community of Bradford.”

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