BBC Asian Presenter Inspires Students At OIAMFS

Editorial by Maria Majid and Jordyn Redford of One In A Million Free School

“On Wednesday 8th November 2017, BBC Asian network presenter Harpreet (Harpz) Kaur came to One In A Million Free School to speak to our KS4 students about her life experiences, achievements and how she got to where she is right now by continuously using resilience in order to achieve her goals.

Harpz Kaur spoke of her ambitions and how she had been knocked back many times in her goal to become a person in the public eye.

She spoke about how at when she was young she didn’t know where she wanted to be with her career choices. She changed her mind many of times, but continued to be persistent with the help of her teachers and family, in order to keep going and never to give up no matter how you’re feeling. She had been pushed back many times, and every time she had been pushed back she would come back stronger and more determined to do well.

She is someone who has been and grown up through the same sort of things we’re going through.

At the end, I spoke to speaker Harpz Kaur and asked her if she ever got nervous or scared, as performing arts is something that I love to do but I don’t have the confidence yet. She gave me some very good advice.

Whilst listening, I feel like it really helped me. I can relate what she said to real life issues and now, I feel more confident to keep going and push myself harder to achieve my goals”.

Jordyn Redford, (Year 11 Asquith ), OIAMFS

This week we had a guest motivational speaker. I found listening to BBC Asian network presenter Harpz (Harpreet) Kaur very inspiring. As well as being in the media, she is also a DJ called Harpz.

She presented her speech really well. She was very confident and clear in her message. She told us to never give up. Keep trying until you reach your goal because if you give up you will never get what you want to achieve in life.

When you demonstrate ‘resilience’ it shows that you have tried your best and showed a great attitude to learning.

Thank you Harpz Kaur for visiting our school we hope to see you again soon.

Maria Majid (Year 11 Appleyard), OIAMFS

This week we had a motivational speaker, Harpreet Kaur, visit OIAMFS.

Harpz Kaur’s speech was very inspirational to me and my colleagues. She spoke about how much she had to tolerate within her life and all the rejection she faced from people in her industry.

However, she still kept on going and soldiered on. Now she’s at her peak of her career and still progressing. This has made me realise that anything is possible in life. I could achieve anything I aspire to be in the future.

I could relate to what she had to say. I feel people don’t have faith in me but she really reassured me that anything is possible and to keep trying until I feel comfortable in what I want to achieve.

Overall the guest speaker has encouraged me to go further and to excel more in my learning at school.

Aadam Akhter ( Year 11 Integrity), OIAMFS

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