OIAM Celebrate (edition 7) is out NOW!

Welcome to Celebrate Edition 7 magazine here! View your copy online today.

Put a ring around the jewel that is the Bradford District, this is where all our engagement takes place. Enjoy reading about all the wonderful efforts and achievements of the precious children and young people we have the privilege of working with, from within our stunning place. With your support, we add as much value as possible to their young lives by enriching them through as many different experiences as we can. As you will read and see, they have committed whole-heartedly to these opportunities and challenges set before them. Whether conquering fears (and some hills) in the beautiful and breath-taking Lake District to being mentored and coached by our corporate partner Emerald, our young ones have shone throughout. Thank you to all the various individuals, partners and organisations who have and are committed to supporting our work and that of others in our region, to us it’s priceless. Thank you for not counting the cost but paying the price, our young people are worth it.

May each one of them shine bright like a diamond.

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Enjoy and THANK YOU!

Wayne Jacobs

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