CELEBRATE Edition 6 is here!

Welcome to our 6th Edition of Celebrate, in which excellence wins!

We think its our best magazine yet! View your online copy of Celebrate Edition 6 magazine here!

Please let me unpack a little “excellence” and why it is important to us here at One In A Million, so important in fact that along with Compassion, Honesty and Integrity it is one of our 4 key four values that sets the culture for our organisation. We deeply care that our values are not just on a wall or in a document that sounds good and then not implemented.

For us these values have to be lived every day, every week, every month and every year, we have to keep getting better at what we do. So, what does excellence mean in our organisation? Well, first let me make this clear, we do not think we are excellent, not at all, all our values exist for others. We believe that excellence is something our children and young people deserve, they should have excellence in the opportunities we present and provide for them. Not all young people come from or live in postcodes that present lots of varying and life-enriching opportunities. It is our heart to do that for them and do it with excellence, they deserve it and with the excellent support and encouragement that you generously give to us we hope and strive to do that for them, to enrich and enhance their young lives and life choices, that is when excellence really wins!

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Enjoy and THANK YOU!

Wayne Jacobs

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