Christmas Gift Giveaway – Thank You Bradford ‘School Home Support’ (SHS)

This Christmas, partners of the Bradford ‘School Home Support’ (SHS) have generously donated twenty one gifts via an Amazon Wish list initiative!

These beautiful gifts will now be given to the children and families who are supported by Zoe Dempsey (Home School Support based at One In A Million Free School).

Zoe remarked, “I have also received £400 from one of the SHS funders to buy food for families over the Christmas period. Somebody else donated £100 for biscuits and selection boxes to go with this. Further to this, School Home Support have also received donations of Christmas presents from  JCI Bradford – secret santa appeal and Mission Christmas. Already, I have donated the support packages and gifts to 18 young people in total from my current caseload.

As a School Home Support Practitioner working in a secondary school in Bradford I see how the added pressure of Christmas impacts the families I work with. Christmas is not always a happy time for families and even more so this year.

I am working with young people and their families who have had significant bereavements, parents who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, living in poverty and suffering from poor mental health.

More than ever, I am finding Christmas can cause families to go into debt or further debt because they feel the social pressure of providing their children with the best for example matching the expensive gifts their peers may receive.

I would like to thank ALL the thoughtful and kind of people who have donated and bought gifts to support this Christmas giveaway initiative. This means that the families who would likely have nothing or very little this Christmas will now receive a Christmas present on Christmas day. The gifts will make a big difference and take some of the pressures parents/carers feel around this time of year. THANK YOU”.

Mark Hughes, One In A Million Academy Trust Member added, “Thank you Zoe. You have made an instant impact in our school. On behalf of the Academy Trust Members and the governing body we would like to say a massive thank you for such generosity from SHS and its partners! There’s a wonderful saying that goes like this, “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you!”. This is the true essence of the Christmas message! Thank you for embracing the joy of giving”.

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