Come Dine With Me

The final of the 10-week Cooking Taster course finished with students cooking and serving a 3-course meal to over 50 staff and parent guests.

15 enthusiastic students took part in the enrichment course, led by Mr Grant (Principal) and Miss Buckland (food tech teacher). Mr Grant gave students seed-money and challenged them to be enterprising in yielding a profit return.

From the start, students embraced the opportunity. They prepared a business plan; costed a budget sheet; designed invites; planned the menu and decided which meal course they wanted to be responsible for.

They learned how to co-ordinate the cooking times whilst collaborating as a harmonious team. They even visited the prestigious Midland Hotel. Gary Peacock, General Manager, gave a tour of the hotel and their kitchens and demonstrated how to prepare a formal table.

The meal reception yielded a 20% profit! A development course is now in preparation.

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