The Index of multiple deprivation (2010) score for the Windhill area of Shipley was 52.37, compared to the Bradford average score of 32.58. The majority of its population (86%) is white British. A large amount of the residents in Windhill live in low-rise social housing with high levels of benefit needed; more than twice the national average. Out of 3,933 dependent children in Windhill (in 2013), over half these children are in families claiming benefits. Two thirds of the Income Support claimants in Windhill are lone parents. Windhill is in the top third of Bradford Wards for persistent pupil absences from school. A large proportion of its population living in social housing suffers from a significant amount of social issues and family breakdown.

Playing our part: Operating from a number of different church halls and community centres, this hub has seen significant growth in weekly attendance by children and young people. Of the 5 Streetwise Football centres that run every Friday night across the Bradford district, our Shipley provision is consistently the best attended; startling compared to what the above-recorded statistics say about children attending school! This community hub and its community activator is supported by Children In Need.

Good progress has been made over the last year to establish a good range of activities across the Windhill district as well as regular Friday night Streetwise sessions at Titus Salt School. Amongst the activities offered are:

Sports – Football, Girls Football, Rugby and Sports Leaders.

Arts – Art, Dance and Rock School.

Enterprise – ICT Skills.

In addition, regular Kidz Clubs and Youth Sessions have been established.