Our flagship arts offer consists of dance, drama, media and music. 

  • Dance has been running since 2010. Lead by a highly talented qualified coach, OIAM deliver dance enrichments (tasters) at each of the community hubs. Extended learning is added through an ‘Enhancement’ (development) Programme where the gifted and talented from each of our 5 centres are brought together to form a group. At OIAM Dance children learn about: dance vocabulary, beat timingspoetry, fitness, co-ordinated breathing and movement techniques, increased flexibility, strength and stamina using travelling steps, elevation and balance – all within a fun and safe environment.
  • Drama is lesser developed however it is built into the Dance Programmes with young people exploring themed issues such as bullying, identity and self confidence. Young people at some of the community hubs produce annual summer and festive productions. A number of young people from Canterbury, Bierley and Windhill have attended stage productions at the prestigious Alhambra Theatre.
  • Media is an enterprise initiative that introduces young people to professional standard software, DV cameras and Apple devices. Themes covered on the 6 week course are Digital Living, Digital Tools, Digital Technology – understanding the working & design of the latest technologies. This includes a learning experience at Apple, Leeds; a threshold experience for many! Young people learn about scripting, lighting, compositions, filming and editing. They even discover how to add special effects before outputting the films into a playable format. In addition to ICT Media we have run Photo Stars and Film Stars, courses that are much more specific as their titles suggest. The 8 week courses cover pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Music is key and central to our delivery in the Arts. Children and young people can access interests through Rock School, Sing Stars and MusicTech. Rock School is a weekly ‘Engagement’ taster  for children at Key Stages 2 & 3. We also deliver ‘Enrichment’ courses for those who show aptitude. Here they can learn, create and play music based on classic rock songs and riffs, and all arrangements are adapted to include parts for drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion and recorder. Sing Stars provides lessons for all abilities, absolute beginner or advanced, experienced singer or not, everyone is guaranteed to experience some kind of improvement in the lessons. MusicTech, as the name suggests, is driven by the exploration of ‘digital music’ programming using Apple technology and proved to be extremely popular with the young people both in and out of school at our community hubs.