One In A Million as a whole organisation are enterprising – it’s evident in everything we do.

  • Our Enterprise offer is currently quite broad with ‘engagement’ and ‘enhancement’ programmes being delivered in and out school through activities such as: ebay Club, Dragon’s Den, First Aid Level 1 & 2, Textiles and Printmaking Club, Bikeability providing Cycling Proficiency, Beauty Therapy workshops, Sign Language, Junior Sports Leader Award, Lord Mayor’s Award and Cook Stars (an OCN accredited course).
  • Our Community programmes deliver informal prevention focused on creating responsible citizens.
  • Within our secondary school students are introduced to three strands of curriculum including sports, the arts, and of course, enterprise! In addition, we have embedded the ‘7 Habits Of The Leader In Me’ programme taken from Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Successful People’. We are planning to embed this into our 5 community hubs in the future.