The One In A Million Hub and Spoke strategy is achieved through our community pathways of ‘engagement’, ‘enrichment‘ and ‘enhancement’ programmes which are managed and overseen by the Community Manager.

One of the strengths of One In A Million Free School is the enrichment programme it offers and like our name it’s ‘free’ of charge! This programme is available to all students and children from the Manningham Community after school from Monday to Thursday. There is a minimum of three enrichment activities running each day after school. Our passion is to ensure that these activities are delivered by the very best teachers and qualified coaches who have experienced excellence as practitioners. These activities are based on our three core areas: sports, the arts and enterprise. The most popular include football, cricket, ebay club, gaming and food tech. Enrichments create a wonderful platform for social cohesion and friendship building in a fun and safe environment. Those who are recognised as ‘gifted and talented’ will progress to an ‘enhancement’ (development) pathway. By the time a student has gone through a full 7-year cycle in our Free School, it is our passion to have provided as many ‘threshold’ experiences for them. It’s only then when we can feel like One In A Million has come close to fulfilling its mission which is to improve the life chances and aspirations of all children and young people wherever they live within our city.