One In A Million have been in partnership with the Bradford & District Youth Offending Team since October 2013.

How The Partnership Works?

OIAM (Sports) receive an annual fixed-grant from Bradford & District Youth Offending Team (YOT) who are part of the Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The grant covers the costs for OIAM to deliver a service for YOT. One In A Million staff member Derek Nolan is seconded to the Youth Offending Team (YOT) to lead on project delivery for Reparation and Sport.

Who is the Youth Offending Team?

Bradford & District Youth Offending Team is a multi-agency team (Social Workers; Probation Officers; Education; Health & Police) that works with young people involved within the criminal justice system. They identify the needs of each young offender by assessing them and addressing the specific problems that make the young person offend to prevent children and young people under 18 from offending or re-offending. The YOT also measures the risk they pose to others. YOT ensure custody is safe and secure, and address the causes of the individuals offending behaviour. They aim to reduce the number of victims and ensure, wherever possible, they have a say in the work done with the young offenders.

Want to know more?

Due to the sensitive nature of work Bradford & District Youth Offending carry out alongside the criminal justice system we are limited in what One In A Million are about to publicaly report however you may enjoy reading our annual case studies.