Fantastic Fun at the OIAM Community Holiday Day

What a fabulous day everyone had at the OIAM Holiday Fun Day held at brilliant facilities of OIAM Free School!
Children attended the day from Canterbury, Bierley, Manningham and Windhill/Shipley. They got to experience a range of activities including cooking, dance, indoor football, cricket, dodgeball, arts and crafts, film club and Xbox/PS4.
Danny Forrest (OIAM staff) said, “Today has been a great success! From a personal point of view, days like these are the most enjoyable! At OIAM, we run over 30 projects all across Bradford and there’s definitely something very special about seeing children and young people from different communities, social contexts and cultural backgrounds come together to enjoy activities and make new friends.
The heart of compassion our staff and volunteers model has allowed us to provide day’s like these, where lasting memories are made!”.
Here’s what just a few of the children had to say about today’s Fun Day:
Kainna: “When we did the cooking enrichment it was very enjoyable. It made me feel joyful inside!”.

Megan: “When I did the cooking enrichment I had loads of fun. It was EPIC!!!”

Lacey: “Whilst attending the dance enrichment I learned lots of cool new dance moves. It was great getting to meet lots of new friends who I hope to see again”.

Jude: “I absolutely loved the dancing enrichment with Alex (OIAM coach). She taught me lots of new dance routines. The Dodgeball led by Amy was lots of fun too! Thank you One In A Million”.

The fab-four. Girls just want to have fun!

Megan: “The dance session was really great. Alex (OIAM coach) was a really fun teacher”.

Amy Illingworth, 18, (OIAM Stars Award Winner 2016) took time out from her studies to volunteer. She added, “I love volunteering with One In A Million. It’s always really special to see so many children and young people from our 5 Community Hub’s interacting with each other in a fun, safe and caring environment. I particularly enjoyed getting to lead the dodgeball sessions. All the children kept telling me what a great time they were having and how they couldn’t wait until the next time we were all together”.

Ethan: “I really enjoyed the OIAM Holiday Club. I got to make pizza which I’ve never done before. I played indoor football and cricket with my friends. My favourite part of today was playing FIFA Football computer games against Josh (OIAM staff) – I beat him!”.

Ella: “I enjoyed doing the cooking and using the proper Food Tech classroom. I thought the pizzas we made were really tasty – we all got to eat them for our lunch”.

Mia: “Today has been so much fun. I really enjoyed baking with Rob and Sue (OIAM staff) and getting to meet new friends. My favourite part of the day was the brilliant games of Dodgeball”.

Morgan: “I enjoyed the cricket with Josh and indoor football with Gurm and Andy (OIAM staff). It was exciting, very tense – I got to score the winning goal in our football match. I loved meeting my friends who I’d met during the February OIAM Holiday Fun Club”.

Harvey: “I loved the indoor football – I got chance to see a good friend I made from last OIAM Holiday Fun Club in February”.

Brooklyn: “I enjoyed football at BEEP. I loved running around with my mates and getting to make lots of new ones”.

Joshua (OIAM Free School Yr11 student) took time out of his exam studies to volunteer. 

Thank you to all the OIAM staff, coaches and fantastic volunteers who made today so much fun! We’d also like to thank OIAM Free School students Phoebe (Yr8), Keyleigh and Joshua (both Yr11) for giving up their time to volunteer – you did our school very proud in the way you expressed our values: compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence.

Most of all, we’d like to thank all the amazing children who attended today and made it all the more special.

You are all unique and valued! You are one in a million.




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