About Us

Our School always adopts a family approach so that students feel valued and connected. We always consider the student’s family and social background as well as their educational needs. It is our aim to ensure students feel part of the school family.

We try and make sure that we do things a little bit differently. Even though we are a mainstream secondary school, we are a small school with only 375 students and that’s because we believe that every child matters. With only 375 students, there is no way that our children will ever be just a statistic. We pride ourselves on knowing them, their families and their communities and contributing to the best educational opportunities that we can deliver. We are small by design because that allows us to make sure that our class sizes are never more than 26 even though we are oversubscribed in every single year group.

As a school we put a huge amount of importance on the values that we follow. Our four core values of compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence, underpin everything we do, not only with our students but also with each other. If you look at our staff voice, you’ll see the phrases such as “My colleagues care and support me”, and, “my colleagues make work a happier and more comfortable place to be” with motivation and relationships with staff, some of our highest scoring areas. This is because we really do believe that we are a small community school and we need to look out for each other in order to do the best we can in our roles to place children at the heart of all we do.

We believe that individualism is the best approach to teaching and learning. Our teachers and heads of department retain absolute autonomy over how they deliver the content they want to our students. We believe in creativity and innovation and trying to maximise the opportunities for students to get outside of the classroom where ever possible as well as making lessons engaging and dynamic within. At One In A Million, you will always be encouraged to take a risk if it maximises the chances of our students doing well.

Another element we are very proud of here at One In A Million is our commitment to enrichment opportunities for students. We believe that schools need to be a place that nourish all aspects of a student’s life rather than simply prepare them for examinations. So we make sure that every student across all year groups has a full range of activities that they can opt to try and engage in. Whether it’s mixed martial arts to mindfulness, basketball to bikeability, our students have a really interesting and varied range of subjects and opportunities that they can get involved in.