One In A Million have developed a highly successful team of partners and Ambassadors.

Each has achieved something of significance in their field of expertise that relates to Sports, the Arts or Enterprise. Notable Ambassadors are: Bradford City, Bradford Bulls, Yorkshire Cricket, Northern Ballet, Gareth Gates & Lara Martin  (Musician & Performers), Tom Milner (Actor), Derm Tanner and Peter Beagrie (Sky Sports Presenters), Tanya Arnold (BBC TV), Tim Thornton (Pulse & Sky Radio), Stuart McCall, David Wetherall (Professional Footballers), Anthony McGrath (Professional Cricketer), Peter Elliot (Professional Athlete), Brian Noble (ex-Bradford Bulls & Great Britain Rugby League Manager), Philip Davies MP, and  Jas Athwal DL (Deputy Lieutenant).

“At Bradford City we encourage a positive attitude to everything we do, whether that is on the pitch or off it. There is no guarantee in life of achieving anything but there is one thing for certain and that is a positive lifestyle can only help any of us achieve our goals.

As a football club we are delighted to be associated and partner with One In A Million. Working with disadvantaged children within our city is at the heart of what the charity does and something we pride ourselves on doing. Our aims are the same – to inspire, educate, influence and support the future generations of our local population.

Bradford is a great city. We are all proud of One In A Million. It is a great charity at the heart of the city. As a club we support all that they do”. 

James Mason, Former Chief Operating Officer, Bradford City AFC 

Our Ambassadors are inspirational role models and examples of excellent practice. Students are encouraged to progress on their chosen pathways and educational journey. Upon visiting our school and taking part in assemblies, we ask Ambassadors what they have learned about life. They tend to inform our students that success is achieved through hard work and resilience.