Breakfast Club

The OIAM Free School Breakfast Club was launched in June 2017.  

With many students coming to school without having breakfast, hunger was affecting their general health and concentration levels. The Parents Forum asked for a Breakfast Club to be started to tackle this issue. Starting with 13 students on the first day, now, the Breakfast Club averages over 250 students per day.  The Club runs during term time between 7:30am until 8:15am, supported by both staff and student parents. For breakfast, students can have fruit and toast for free and small charge is made for porridge, pancakes and yogurt. During the first half-term the students consumed 106 loaves of bread, 198 pancakes, 46 oranges, 110 bananas, 36 apples and 30 bowls of porridge.

The school recently received funding from Kellogg’s to help support the Club in purchasing equipment such as fruit smoothie makers and a microwave.