Hub & Spoke

OIAM Community: Hub ad Spoke

One In A Million’s mission is to improve the life chances of ALL children and young people wherever they live within our city.

One In A Million is passionate about improving the life chances of young people in Bradford through a pathways programme of education and community ‘engagement’, ‘enrichment‘ and ‘enhancement’ within the sport, arts and enterprise, which are managed and overseen by the Community Manager. Our strategy is illustrated in our ‘hub and spoke’ model where the free school is the hub, the spokes represent the 5 constituencies in Bradford and the rim is the community programmes we offer to young people.

One In A Million Free School follows the same pattern as the rest of One In A Million.

For example One In A Million encourages children to ‘participate’ in ‘engagement activities’ and anyone who demonstrates an interest or aptitude is encouraged to join a ‘development’ group (enhancement).

This year all our students have participated in chess lessons so that they can now play a basic game of chess.

Those who have more potential have been invited to join a development group (enhancement) as part of the enrichment offer so that they can get more advanced coaching and take part in competitions within school and with other schools.

Furthermore, an example of our hub and spoke interaction between school students and community children has come through the introduction of programmes like the Junior Sports Leader Award; Level 1 & 2 ‘Award in Sports Leadership’; Level 2 ‘Award in Community Sports Leadership’; and the Lord Mayor’s Award. Together, these young people are gaining additional qualifications, leadership experience and employability skills.

There are many more development groups (enhancement) that we could report on.