Our Key Stage 3 provides targeted and meaningful opportunities for the development and mastery of the core skills in literacy, numeracy and computing.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum consists of a core academic curriculum and a specialised themed pathway in either Sports, Arts or Enterprise. Our Enrichment curriculum takes place for an hour after school and consists of a programmed experience in the fields of Sports, Art and Enterprise as well other threshold experiences.

To support exam success Year 11 learners get an extra three hours of support each week. Our curriculum challenges and inspires young people of all abilities and backgrounds. With help from OIAM Charity’s corporate partners, we ensure that no student lacks experiences in a wide range of fields that they may wish to pursue as a career. For example JCT600, England’s biggest Porsche dealer, welcomed a group of students to their site in Leeds, showing them all the opportunities they offered.

Many of those young people went on to excel in their exams. Our Accelerate and Ignite curriculum ensures those entering our school, who are not ‘secondary ready’, can access a number of intervention groups to rapidly address any literacy, numeracy and core skill needs.

To support the development of employability skills, our entire curriculum is underpinned with strategies for their development.  All students get a range of opportunities with further and higher education as well as a range of visiting and/or working with employer opportunities.

School Day:

Curriculum Map:


It is important that students and parents are given regular and meaningful feedback about progress. We have developed new data systems in school to ensure that we can accurately track each student’s progress and create simple, easy to understand reports for students and parents.

If you have any questions regarding our curriculum please contact our Vice Principal for Student Performance.