OIAm - Curriculum

The One In A Million Free School (OIAMFS) approach to learning is rooted in establishing a sense of worth and well-being in each individual student, focusing upon engagement, motivation, talents, self-regard, good behaviour and self-discipline which in turn facilitate learning, progression and success.

We are confident that our educational approach and curriculum design will, with its emphasis on sports, arts and enterprise, enable students to:

  • extend their talents and, thereby, enhance their life chances 
  • engender respect, self regard, motivation and engagement
  • be recognised and valued as ‘One In A Million’

We are insistent that any programme of study or organisational strategy is underpinned by sound, thorough research and evidence of best practice. With this in mind, we have engaged the advice of EdisonLearning to support us in developing our unique curriculum offer.

Our curriculum and organisation of learning will be influenced by the EdisonLearning e.TwoTM school design. This model has been designed as a result of extensive global research into the features of the most effective schools and organisations.

Our enrichment and extended day offer is also based on thorough research that show the need for 10,000 hours of practice before even the most talented people can become world-class across a range of spheres, from music to sport to writing.

We believe that every student can find a skill or talent to hone and with committed practice in the right environment can enjoy success.