Food Tech

OIAM - Food Tech

Being able to cook a nutrition meal as an adult is an essential life skill. OIAMFS is committed to supporting students in gaining these necessary culinary skills so that when they leave us they are equipped to adopt a healthy life style.

We see the benefits to being able to cook as:

  • Empowering people to live healthy lifestyles – understanding the value of nutrition and health
  • Equipping students to cook well within their financial mean
  • Empowering student to understand and use a range of cooking techniques
  • Appreciate the need for health and hygiene
  • Preparing some students for work within the catering industry

With this in mind students cook at least once a week in years 7 – 11. Students are also able to develop their skills as part of the GCSE course or do further cooking as part of the enrichment programme.

Food Tech comes under the National Curriculum – Design and Technology. Within D & T students explore the following three concepts

  • Design – researching and planning an idea
  • Making – enacting the plan: making the food
  • Evaluating – evaluating the product and process

Although design, making and evaluating are primarily the domain of Food Tech there is a significant contribution to be made by Food Tech as part of our connected curriculum.