OIAM - Humanities

Key Stage 3:


In Year 7 the students cover basic History terminology. We then move onto look at the Romans before moving on to look at 1066 and the Tudor era and finally they look at the making of the UK

In Year 8 the students cover Jack the Ripper, the Industrial Revolution and the British Empire and finally WW1.

In Year 9 the students will be looking at the Treaty of Versailles, the Rise of Hitler and the Holocaust before looking at the dropping of the A Bomb.

Religious Education

In Year 7 the students cover basic understanding of the 6 main religions in What is Re? and What is belief? We will then move on to look at the Founders of Faith, Holy Building and Religious Festivals.

In Year 8 the students will cover Religion and the Media, Can one person make a difference, Hinduism and Pilgrimage.

Key Stage 4:


Students will be completing the AQA Spec B, which consists of the topics of International Relations, 20th Century, and British History.


Students will follow the AQA Spec A full course which consists of the topics of Physical Geography, Human Geography and Local Fieldwork Investigation.

Religious Education (EPM)

Students will be following the AQA Spec B full course which contains Religion and Morality and Religion and Ultimate Questions which will cover these 8 topics over the 3 years:

  •    Matters of Life
  •    Death and the Elderly
  •    Drugs
  •    Crime
  •    Deity
  •    Religion and Science
  •    Problem of Evil
  • Immortality