OIAM - Languages

Students will be introduced to the Spanish-speaking world in Year 7, through a variety of topics designed to develop their language skills by using language immersion and topic based learning.

Year 7 will open students’ eyes to the language and world of Spanish and develop their curiosity for the subject.

In years 8 & 9, students will develop their understanding of the language by undertaking the AQA FCSE. This is an accredited Foundation Certificate that is open for all the students.

Throughout the two years, students will look at topics studied throughout Year 7 in more depth, as well as looking at their daily life and the world around them.

By the end of Year 9, all pupils will have a certificated demonstrating their knowledge of the language.

Students may wish to continue to study Spanish through Year 10-11.

The FCSE is a fantastic base for this and students will further develop their understanding of the language and culture around them including topics about the environment, young people of today, and school life.

The GCSE course is intense and engaging for all students wishing to take part.