OIAM - Music

Music Tech combines two key elements of OIAMFS’s vision:

1 – a commitment to the use of the best ICT available

2 – its commitment to the arts; enterprise and sports

With this in mind we have chosen to allow students to express their musical creativity through the use of music technology. Specifically we teach students to become proficient in the use of ‘Garage Band’ software.

GarageBand is a programme developed by Apple that allows students to make and record their own music. It is effectively like having a recording studio within a computer. Our students learn to write and then perform their own music.

Students can gain qualifications in music tech as part of the ‘School of Rock’

Our students can still take part in more ‘traditional’ forms of music as part of our enrichment programme. Here students can join our choir or they can have individual music lessons. Students who have a musical aptitude can also develop their skills in our state-of-the-art recording studio.