Behaviour: steps, procedures and policy

One In a Million Free School has established a number of classroom protocols. This sets out the expectations we have of students and what we expect of staff.

The Classroom Protocols

  • Students enter silently and work silently for the first five minutes on the lesson on a starter activity.
  • Students sit where the teacher decides.
  • Teachers decide who to ask a question to – we do NOT use ‘hands up’.
  • Teachers give regular feedback.
  • Teachers encourage talking about learning.
  • Teachers discourage any student ‘banter’ in the classroom.
  • Teachers reward students with a merit for hard work. There is no other criterion for a student to receive a merit: ‘Growth (I can get better) through HARD WORK and resilience’.
  • At the end of the lesson every student stands behind their chair and waits to be dismissed by the teacher

Equally we expect teachers to manage behaviour consistently. This means that all teachers use the same methods. All teachers adhere to it and no teacher deviates from it or sets up their own behaviour management system.

Managing Behaviour

ALL teachers are aware of how we manage behaviour and are familiar with the OIAMFS Behaviour Policy. It is predicated on the principle that ‘praise changes behaviour’. Here is a summary of managing behaviour in the classroom:

  • Teachers use a range of de-escalation techniques to help students avoid ‘Steps’.
  • Teachers use ‘Steps’ – NOTHING ELSE.
  • Teachers put the name of students on the board so they know where they are on the Steps.
  • Teachers have a designated table for Step 2 – THIS IS THE KEY STEP – IT’S THE REVOLVING DOOR BACK INTO THE LESSON.
  • Teachers enforce all step 3s & 4s – unless it is discussed at ‘Rest & Restore’.
  • Teachers record step 3s & 4s on our information system
  • Teachers challenge students about body language that suggests disinterest or disrespect
  • Teachers follow up minor incidents or lateness at Rest and Restore

Step 3s and 4s are dealt with by students doing a Behaviour Review at the end of the day. We notify parents by text. Behaviour Reviews are either 30 minutes (Step 3) or 60 minutes (Step 4).

They are an opportunity for the student and teacher to reflect on the inappropriate behaviour and to look to find a way for a different approach in the future.

One In A Million Free school is committed to helping students make better behaviour choices. However there are instances when we have to exclude students. This may be because of the nature of the incident or the regularity.