One of the strengths of One In A Million Free School is the enrichment programme it offers and like our name it’s‘free’!

This programme is available to students from 3.15 – 4.30 pm each day (Tuesday to Thursday). Our passion is to ensure that these activities are delivered by the very best teachers and coaches who have experienced excellence as practitioners. These activities are based on our three core areas: sports, arts and enterprise.

In addition we will put together a personalised coaching or training programme for any student who has an aptitude in an area that is peculiar to them.

Here is a sample of the kind of enrichments we’ve offered so far:

  • Art
  • Basketball
  • Business Workshop
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Cooking
  • Creating a musical band
  • Cricket
  • Dance
  • Ebay Club
  • Film
  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Gaming
  • Makeup
  • Music Technology
  • Rapping
  • Rugby
  • Singing
  • Sports Writing
  • Textiles and printmaking

We don’t have a skateboarding coach right now but if we had a skateboarding student we would find one!