Interview With The New Principal

To get to know the new school principal we asked some of our students to put questions to him in a live interview. Here is what Halima K (Yr7), Wakeel A (Yr8), Ellis P (Yr9), Shauna T (Yr10) asked Mr Grant…

HK: Why did you apply to become principal of our school as opposed to other schools?

PG: As a School leader, it is really important to find a school, which is full of people that you can identify with. What stood out to me was the school values. They are very similar values to mine.

HK: When applying, what skills did you have that another person didn’t?

PG: I think that I bring different life and educational experiences. As a child, I went to a school that was initially failing me and I was inspired by a couple of amazing teachers. I know what it took to flick the switch on in me, to ensure my learning was relevant to equip me to go onto become a successful person in life.

EP: Why did you want a career in education and what do you teach?

PG: I’ve always had the natural ability to talk to people and make sense of complex things so that people understand them. My background is probably more aligned to science and biology.

EP: What is your view on students reading books?

PG: I think it’s fantastic! Everybody needs to broaden their vocabulary. Reading a book enables you to dream and use your imagination. Strong literacy skills are pivotal to your future.

ST: Do you believe students should have the opportunity to explore the workplace?

PG: Absolutely. I want to find your talent and abilities so we can prepare you for the world of employment so that when you leave school, you are ready to get a really good job or have the qualifications to go onto further training or university.

EP: What are your short term and long term plans for the school?

We will introduce a new school timetable, a new and exciting curriculum aligned to the Trust’s vision, which will create more opportunities for you to do even better in your academic studies and to prepare you for your adult life. There will be new expectations for behavior and overall achievement. In a few years time, I’d like to think the school will be a beacon of excellence within Bradford.

ST: What can you do to help LGBT students, such as myself, to accept themselves and to encourage others to accept us?

I think equality and diversity are critical values and the way that we deal with that is through education. At One In A Million we believe everyone is unique and valued. We accept everybody from all walks of life; every background and we celebrate them.

HK: What life lesson would you like to teach students at One In A Million?

PG: If you can dream something and picture it in your mind, you can achieve it! I’ve done that on a number of occasions with things that I thought were not possible. The key to being successful in life is having the confidence to fail. You have to be willing to fail, learn from your mistakes and improve. Brave people put themselves forward knowing that they might fail, but know that they are eventually going to get better at crafting this skill and expertise.

To view the full unedited video of the interview click HERE

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