Positive Lifestyle sessions get pupils thinking about choices

Primary school pupils from Woodside Academy in Bradford attended a Citizenship Workshop at a Positive Lifestyle session based at our One In A Million Free School.

Their teacher Liz Wood who is also a St John Ambulance volunteer said “the children had lots of fun but learnt lots too, and the sessions helped them make more positive and correct decisions”

Some comments of the students who attended the session:

“I will take a good path in life” Amie

“I will really think about my actions” Keira

“I have learnt lots of facts and hope it will continue” Emily

Clare Sharpe who runs Positive Lifestyle said “the class was fabulous and they were great representatives from Woodside”.

As part of the session the pupils got to take a tour of the stadium and got an extra special treat when they managed to catch Bradford City FC Chairman Edin Rahic for a quick picture and question and answer session.
Positive Lifestyle - Woodside Academy meet Edin Rahic
Woodside Academy Pupils meet Edin Rahic at Bradford City FC whilst attending their Positive Lifestyle session

One In A Million’s Positive Lifestyle, is a prevention educational programme focused on creating responsible citizens, initially aimed at primary school children.

Positive Lifestyle provides quality training for children and young people in a safe learning environment of mutual respect, creating opportunities for all. Situated in the One In A Million Free School based next door to Bradford City FC’s iconic stadium this is the ideal setting for an out-of-school experience.

If you are a primary school interested in booking any of the following sessions please email clare.sharpe@oneinamillion.org.uk

  • Anti Bullying: understanding what it is, why it happens and, through role play, look at strategies to deal with it.
  • All Different, All Equal: tackles racism in a creative way. It challenges individual pre-conceptions, highlighting similarities, differences and focuses on being unique and valued.
  • Safe Food and You: working with Environmental Health Dept. to raise awareness of basic food hygiene and the consequences of bad practice.
  • Drug Awareness: we encourage discussion of knowledge and experiences of different types of drugs with the emphasis on keeping safe around legal and illegal drugs.
  • Healthy Lifestyles: discuss how to achieve and maintain a healthy body through activities on nutrition and a well balanced diet.
  • Citizenship: through discussion and role play preparing pupils to take an active part as citizens, making wise decisions and looking at the consequences that may happen as a result of our decision making.
  • Friendships: focusing on different qualities of friendships and relationships, reflecting on each individual’s strengths.
  • Positive Me: (transition) enables pupils to prepare for changes during their transition. Emphasis is placed on maintaining a positive self image

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