Primary School Pupils Aim To Become Better Citizens

Year 6 Students from Carrwood Primary School in Bradford attended a Citizenship Workshop run by Positive Lifestyle at One In A Million. 
The session started off in the main stand of the Northern Commercials Stadium at Valley Parade, discussing the tragic events of the ‘Bradford City Fire’ and one the factors that were believed to have caused it . . . litter.
The workshop was aimed at creating discussions and thoughts between the pupils on how they can become better citizens and not to drop litter, including not copying others but to be different,’unique’ and make up their our own minds on all aspects of being a good citizen. 
Clare Sharpe, Positive Lifestyle Manager said of the students “The session was fabulous and the pupils were great ambassadors for the school, and the city. There was so much interaction and contribution from everyone. I hope they continue to talk about this sessions discussions. We saw some great role-plays and there were positive messages given with lots of advice”.
Here are what the students had to say . . .
“I loved this lesson, it was amazing. I did learn a lot about citizenship, thank you” Kinga,
“I really enjoyed today and I liked our team effort”, Dillon”I really enjoyed all the activities” Demi,
“I think today was super fun, and I’ve learnt more about what a good citizen is”, Joshua”the team  worked brill!” Eloise,
“I think the lesson was good” Nataliya.
Thomas Ashworth, the class teacher said . . .
“the workshop went well, the children were engaged and enjoyed it. Pupils who are often shy and quiet took part in role play and contributed to group work. Pupils also considered the moral dilemmas thoughtfully”.
The group then visited the Bradford City Memorial and spoke about what lessons were learnt from the tragedy.
For more information on our Positive Lifestyle Centre and the work it does with Primary School please go to the Positive Lifestyle section of our website or click on the following link:

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