Skies the limit for our OIAM 2019 Superhero Skydivers

On the hottest day of 2019 so far, with temperatures soaring towards 30 degrees C, our Superhero Skydivers jumped out of a plane in tandem from 15,000ft (2.8 miles) at the Skydive Hibbaldstow Centre.

Our Superhero Skydivers; Shakeel Ahmed, Andrew Bako, Ben Bako, Coban Bako, Harrison Bako, Danny Barker, Wendy Nicholson and Jez Smart; took to the crystal clear blue skies above Lincolnshire, facing their fears to support our charitable programmes amongst Bradford’s children and young people. 

Taking off on the first lift of the day, our team of Superhero Tandem Skydivers, took 20 minutes to reach their required altitude before taking the leap of faith, experiencing 9000ft of adrenaline free-fall at 120mph in just 1-minute, before the canopy opened for a serene 6,000ft glide back to earth, taking in the breathtaking views on the stunning horizon along the way.

Danny Barker said, “What a fantastic, amazing, quality experience! It was so good. When I got to the edge of the plane, I was nervous, but the inertia of the free fall at 120mph was just something else. There really is nothing like it. I would definitely do it again!”. 
On behalf of everyone at One In A Million, we would like to say a big thank you to all our Superhero Skydivers for facing their fears and doing it anyway and to everyone who sponsored them to support our work amongst Bradford’s children and young people.

SAVE THE DATE: One In A Million Annual Stars Awards 2019 – T I C K E T S  available for booking now! We look forward to seeing you.


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