Streewise Is Back!

OIAM’s popular football tournament programme STREETWISE is back up and running every Friday for another season from Friday 20th January to Friday 24th March 2017 at various sites across Bradford and Keighley.

StreetWise is project that delivers key messages alongside a football coaching programme that is aimed at 11-18 year olds.

This season’s message is centred around ‘Tackling Football Hooliganism” and educating children and young people that you can be part of a team with healthy competition without crossing the line that could end up leading you down the wrong path with disastrous consequences.

“Hooliganism” is the term used broadly to describe disorderly, aggressive and often violent behaviour perpetrated by spectators at sporting events. Research shows that many individuals set out not with the intention to cause harm to others but are often drawn into gang culture which can lead to a lifestyle of anti-social behaviour; abusive relationships; mental and emotional trauma; vandalism; racism; and other extremes of unlawful behaviour. In contrast, at One In A Million, we want to encourage you to become a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN who can positively impact your friendships, families, communities, schools, colleges and workplaces. We believe that true friendship can include fun, banter and always promotes a positive outcome for everyone.

To take part email to register a team of 5 players and up to 2 Substitutes.

Here are the dates and times

PLEASE NOTE: If you are attending for the first time can you print off, fill out and bring along a consent form for each of your team members (click here to view and download). This will also enable you to take part in all of One In A Million’s many activities.

Streetwise (Fairweather Green) Venue: 5 A Live Soccer Centre, Yorks Street, Bradford, BD8 0HR
Times: 6.00 – 7.00pm
Ages: 11-18

Streetwise (Salts) Venue: Sir Titus Salt School, Higher Coach Road, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 5RH
Times: 6.00 – 8.00pm
Ages: 11-18

Streetwise (Keighley) Venue: University Academy Keighley, Green Head Road, Keighley, BD20 6EB
Times: 5.00 – 6.00pm
Ages: 11-18

Streetwise (Wrose) Venue: Goals Soccer Centre, Kings Road, Bradford, BD2 1NR
Times: 6.00 – 7.00pm
Ages: 11-18


Also a quick map to show you where your nearest StreetWise Centre is.

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