Students Enter The Fast Lane At JCT600 Porsche

This week, fifteen students from OIAMFS visited the prestigious JCT600 Porsche Leeds.  It was a fantastic experience that created an exclusive opportunity for students to consider, discuss and reflect on the wider pathways within a motor dealer. 

Students were split into two groups and received a presentation from Katie Saunders (HR Director),  a question and answer session with Simon Filer (Head Of Business) and a site tour with Paul Mulliss (Service Manager).

The presentation gave an insight into the history of JCT600 and showcased the various apprenticeships and routes into employment. Students were fully engaged, asking very appropriate and mature questions, clearly thinking about their own goals and potential career pathways.

JCT600 are one of the UK’s largest and best-regarded car dealers, trusted by the worlds best manufacturers. They represent 18 of the world’s best-known car brands, including Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

The site tour allowed students to witness first hand, the different departments in operation. This included a walk around the glittering Porsche Leeds showroom, a behind the scenes viewing of their huge workshop, parts area, valet and preparation bays.

Students were most impressed with the stunning Porsche 918 Spyder worth £1.4 million!

Student Aliyah (pictured below) enthusiastically said, “It was an amazing experience!! It has opened my eyes to the different opportunities within the motor industry and the pathways available to reach the end goal. There is always going to be different barriers to overcome in life but this visit to JCT600 Porsche Leeds has given me hope for my future aspirations”.

Student Umar (pictured below) was extremely grateful, “It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am very thankful to Mrs. Moon, Mr. Haughey and to JCT600 staff Katie Saunders, Simon Filer and Paul Mulliss for giving us brilliant advice. Today has made me realise that I need to rise up to the challenge and give my best in the time I have left at school”.

The wonderful opportunity was created by our very own OIAM Charity Executive Kirsty Moon, a former employee at JCT600 for over 20 years. Kirsty has maintained great relations with this fabulous company! “Our students represented themselves and the school impeccably, with everyone conducting themselves in a professional and respectful manner. I was proud to accompany every single one of the students today and it was an absolute privilege to be in their company”. 

Head Of Business, Simon Filer (pictured above with Katie Saunders, HR Director) said, “It was our pleasure to welcome the students from One In A Million Free School. We were impressed at their level of engagement and participation in our discussions and tour. Not only did the students gain a great deal out of the visit, but we did too! It was extremely rewarding to give time to the young people. We hope we have provided some inspiration for their next steps”. 

Whilst Katie Saunders, HR Director added, “It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with the young people of OIAMFS this morning. They were so enthusiastic, positive and interested in our company that it left us all with a feeling that we had just engaged with several future employees”.

Andy Haughey, OIAMFS Vice Principal, said: “It was a model visit! It showed how school and one of our partners can work so proactively to inspire and educate young people with such relevancy.  The common value of integrity was evident throughout the day and I look forward to strengthening this partnership in the future”.

We would like to express a deep gratitude to everyone at JCT600 Porsche Leeds for investing time and resources in our students.

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