World Book Day Rescheduled


Don’t worry everyone, there’s lots you can be doing whilst at home to still celebrate World Book Day and bring the One In A Million school community together: Which one will you choose?

  1. Extreme reading: Put your WBD costume on anyway and take a photograph of you reading it on a sledge, in the snow or wherever you choose then mail it to
  2. Take a photo of you reading your book of choice (this could be electronic) whilst dressed for the current weather!
  3. Write a review of your favourite book.
  4. Take a photo or video of you reading with your family or pets.
  5. Write a story entitled: ‘Snow Day: The Best World Book Day EVER!’ (Maximum 500 words)
  6. Write down a favourite family story to share with our community. Remember that anyone mentioned would need to be happy to have the story shared.
  7. Complete an hour of IXL to show how keen you are to improve your literacy skills.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with and look forward to sharing what you send with everyone in a display at school next week.

We will inform you at the close of this week which day our OIAM World Book Day is rescheduled for.

Happy World Book Day everyone!

Ms. Wright

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