2. Charity Starfish

“At One In A Million, we have compassion for children and young people; we work with a sheer honesty and integrity to ensure that we represent well the children and young people, our charity and our city whilst striving to bring excellence to them”. (co-founder Wayne Jacobs)

Our vision is child centric placing them at the heart of all that we do. And so are our core values; compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence – they are the DNA that runs throughout our charity shaping our culture and ethos. They inform the behaviours of all trustees, governors, staff and volunteers. We believe that every child is unique and valued.

We constantly challenge ourselves to ensure that this sentiment is not just rhetoric, but is true all the time. We are driven by our 4 core values.

In our school, One In A Million Free School, because we want our students and learners to be prepared for adult life we are committed to helping them to get the best possible academic outcomes. Equally we know that our students  and learners need to have a strong character if they are to be resilient and adaptable. Character doesn’t happen by chance. We believe this is learned and occurs through a consistent and methodical approach that underlines all that we do in the two schools.

One In A Million’s mission is underpinned by a strong value base, comprised of:

  • Our pursuit of excellence in everything we do
  • Care and compassion for those we work with and those we can help that we don’t know
  • Honesty and integrity which means doing the right thing whilst nobody is watching
  • Respect for individual autonomy
  • Treating people with fairness and respect
  • Non-judgmental, anti-discriminatory practice
  • Championing and promoting social justice and equality
  • Commitment to self-empowerment – enabling individuals to take control over their own lives and to be the originators and catalysts of their own personal development and progression strategies
  • Supporting individuals to discover and fulfil their own potential
  • Holistic, person-centred practice
  • Provision of responsive services at the point of need