After nearly a decade of delivering Engagement and Enrichment Programmes, One In A Million are now able to deliver the Enhancement phase of our Community Vision thanks to the support and commitment we receive from Provident Financial’s Good Neighbour Community Programme.

Enhancement Programme’s provide opportunities for children and young people to access excellence, hence the reason we formalise Community Partnerships with the organisations we do, for example: Bradford City Football Club, Yorkshire County Cricket, Bradford Bulls Rugby Club, Bradford City Women’s Football Club and of course our brand new designed free school building! We have access to sessional coaches that are professionals in their field. For many, this level of coaching, training and education is something they may never normally have access to.

The Engagement Programme created for our children and young people in our communities, and the Enrichment Programme created for our school students come together to provide mixed development groups through our Enhancement Programme.

All children who come to One In A Million, therefore, have access to excellent provision offered by some of the best coaches and practitioners linked to our partners!

Gifted and Talented

For children and young people that are enjoying Community Engagement, Enrichment and Enhancement Programmes, the professional sessional coaches are encouraged to identity those that may have untapped skills and potential and lead them through a One In A Million pathway connecting them to one of our Community Partners: Bradford City Football Club, Yorkshire County Cricket, Bradford Bulls Rugby Club or Bradford City Women’s Football Club. For example, a young girl that is previously attended a weekly One In A Million Engagement activity at the Windhill Community Hub advanced to an Enhancement Programme which created a pathways for her to later sign up for the Bradford City Women’s U15 football team