About Us

Our Free School always adopts a family approach so that students feel valued and connected. We always consider the student’s family and social background as well as their educational needs. It is our aim to ensure students feel part of the school family.

Building upon the strong principles underpinning Charter schools in the US, the One In A Million Free School is a small secondary school, ensuring each student is well known to each other and the wider school community. The ‘smallness’ of our One In A Million Free School is its strength.

All our staff and volunteers share a vision and passion for making a difference through establishing respect, support and developing a deep sense of self esteem and personal worth. In short, acknowledging and promoting each young person as unique seeing them as ‘one in a million’.

It is through an understanding of the needs of the young people we work with, coupled with our drive and determination to make a difference, that One In A Million is committed to offering a sustainable and successful alternative in educational provision; supporting each and every individual student to achieve to their best across a range of focused and purposeful learning experiences.

The One In A Million Free School welcome’s students from all backgrounds and of all abilities, ensuring each individual student has the opportunity to flourish and achieve their potential, in turn contributing to raising educational attainment and improving life chances across Bradford.

The ethos and vision of the One In A Million Free School are based upon our extensive experiences of delivering successful community based programmes in sport, the arts and enterprise.

Our strategy is illustrated in our Hub and Spoke’ model where the free school is the hub, the spokes represent the 5 constituencies in Bradford and the rim is the community programmes we offer to young people.

Our “Wheel of Hope” vision places our Free School at the heart of all that the charity does to ensure that our innovative education projects reach as many children and young people as possible in and out of school throughout the Bradford community.