One In A Million (OIAM) Academy Trust was established in 2012 and comprises outstanding teachers, educationalists, business experts and sports professionals. As the vision Sponsor, we are committed to raising educational standards within the City of Bradford. Our secondary school is welcoming of students from all backgrounds and of all abilities. Our school ensures each individual student has the opportunity to flourish and achieve his or her potential, in turn contributing to raising educational attainment and improving life chances across the City of Bradford.

Our vision has been developed as a result of the OIAM Charity’s commitment to community based programmes in sport, the arts and enterprise to over 1,800 young people each week as part of its Hub & Spoke Model. Building upon the strong principles underpinning successful Charter schools in the USA, our school is small in size, ensuring each student is well known to each other and the wider school community. The ‘smallness’ of One In A Million Free School is a strength. All our students are ‘one in a million’. We want them to flourish, ensuring they are given opportunities to build their skills, confidence and self-esteem in order to become role models within the school and local community. We make a real difference to the lives and outcomes of our students. How do we achieve this?

  • We cultivate a positive attitude towards learning across the whole school community.
  • We create an exceptional and unique learning experience.
  • We develop themed pathways in Sports, Arts and Enterprise.
  • We have the highest expectations of every single student.
  • We provide a safe, stimulating and supportive environment.
  • We identify talent and fulfil the potential of our students.
  • We invest in teaching and the professional development of our staff.

At One In A Million Free School we believe every student is ‘unique and valued’. They have their own personal strengths, interests and objectives. Our dedicated staff will lead and inspire, working closely with each student to develop a pathway that enables them to thrive and fulfil their potential. We deliver rigorous academic challenges with educational and personal development activities to provide a rich and balanced learning experience.

We expect students to maintain high standards of appearance and behaviour at all times, and for older students to lead by example. Our students will be confident and have a level of self-belief and self-discipline that enables them to participate in professional and leisure based activities through work and/or volunteering. Our students will be proud of the communities in which they learn and live. We believe that better schools bring better outcomes and better life opportunities. It is this thought that underpins our school motto: Enjoying Today, Preparing For Tomorrow.