As an inclusive secondary school we aim to ensure that each individual student achieves or exceeds their potential. All our students are one in a million’ and we want them to flourish. As a school we endeavour to provide opportunities to build knowledge, understanding, skills, confidence and self-esteem so that our students become role models within the school and wider community.  

We believe that every student is unique and valued. We aim to develop a deep sense of self-worth and ambition in all our students, in line with our core values of compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence. We foster a personal-growth mindset where students believe:

  • I can learn something new
  • I begin to improve the moment I am honest about my starting point
  • I can improve
  • I can get better

The curriculum has been designed to be broad and balanced, taking into account students’ starting points and end goals, in line with the school’s motto: Enjoying Today, Preparing For Tomorrow.

The school adopts a holistic approach to the curriculum and in line with the Trust’s vision has a connected curriculum following three themes: Arts, Enterprise and Sport.  This approach develops knowledge and understanding of traditional secondary subjects; enables students to follow appropriate pathways at key stage 4; develops personal and employability skills, preparing students for their next steps, in line with local employment information; adds to students’ cultural and social capital.

Curriculum mapping allows subject leaders and delivery teams to create schemes of learning, which build knowledge, understanding, skills and study techniques across the key stages. These are informed by and evaluated against formative and summative assessment. Marking and feedback is targeted and focused on celebrating learning and progress, whilst highlighting areas for improvement, which are addressed in Directed Reflection and Improvement Time (DIRT). Careful planning provides meaningful opportunities for the development and mastery of core skills in literacy, numeracy and computing, so that students are able to access the curriculum fully and successfully.

Data is collated and used by the leadership team and curriculum leaders to measure the success of curriculum implementation and impact, thus informing curriculum change and development over time.


It is important that students and parents are given regular and meaningful feedback about progress and attainment. We have developed data systems in school to ensure that we can accurately track this and provide students and parents with effective, timely feedback.

In addition our Enrichment programme takes place for one hour after school and consists of activities related to the areas of Sport, Art and Enterprise. All our students are encouraged to attend this provision.

Our curriculum seeks to challenge and inspire young people of all abilities and backgrounds to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills required for them to successfully take their next steps in education and employment. If you have any questions regarding our curriculum please contact our Vice Principal for Quality and Curriculum.

If you have any questions regarding our curriculum please contact our Vice Principal for Quality and Curriculum.

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