Year 7:

  • Students will study  the key concepts in History and know clearly how to use them
  • Students will study the motivation for and the success of The Norman Conquest.
  • Students will study the success of The Tudor Monarchs and the key features of life in Tudor England. 

Year 8:

  • Students will study how The Civil War changed the power of the Monarchs during the reign of The Stuarts.
  • Accurately describe why some developments were more significant than others.
  • Select, organise and deploy the relevant facts about industrialisation to produce structured work, making appropriate use of terms and dates.
  • Students will study how Britain gained an Empire and which colonies belonged to the Empire and whether these countries gained their independence
  • Students will study how Britain abolished Slavery 

Year 9:

  • Students will study the long and short term Causes of WW1.
  • Students will study the main Events of WW1 and why so many young soldiers were killed.
  • Students will study how the Rise of Hitler & The Nazi Party was a direct cause of WW2 and a result of The Treaty of Versailles.
  • Students will study the chronology of Events of WW2 and select the most significant events.
  • Students will study how The Holocaust took place and why it wasn’t prevented.

Year 10:

  • Students will study the impact of the settlement of the American west and the conflict between the whites and the Natives.
  • Students will study the social and economic impact of The American Civil War on the lives of the civilians.
  • Students will study significant medical developments and identify using clear evidence of when progress was made and why.

Year 11:

  • Students will study  why the end of WW1 and the Peace Treaty led to increased conflict and tension in 1939.
  • Students will complete a British Depth Study: Norman England 1066-1100.
  • Students will study  how the Normans ruled Britain with their particular techniques and new methods.



Key Stage 3

  • Year 7 topics – Students will cover the following 3 topics: What is RE?, Holy Buildings and Judaism. With a homework project on Judaism
  • Year 8 topics – Students will cover the following 3 topics: Hinduism, Peace & Conflict and Good and Evil. With homework projects on Hinduism and Peace & Conflict
  • Year 9 topics – Students will cover the following 3 topics: Medical ethics, Sikhism and Equality. With homework projects on Sikhism and Equality.

GCSE – AQA Specification A

  • Year 10 topics – A) Religion, Relationships and Families, B) Religion and Life, C) Existence of God and Revelation, E) Crime and Punishment. Homework bi-weekly
  • Year 11 topics – In depth study of Christian beliefs, teachings and practices & In depth study of Islamic beliefs, teachings and practices. Homework bi-weekly.



Key Stage 3:

In year 7 students will study 5 units; 

  • what is geography?
  • natural resources;
  • economy;
  • weather and climate;

In year 8, students will study rivers, development, population, land and sea and Asia.

In year 9, students will study earthquakes and volcanoes, Africa, Ice, Middle East and climate change.