Facilities & ICT

We are based next to the iconic home of Bradford City AFC – ‘Valley Parade’. The former club shop and business centre has been re-designed to create a truly unique learning environment. Our facilities include a beautiful, airy atrium and reception; state-of-the-art classrooms and flexible break spaces, with ’Apple’ technology throughout; dance/drama studio; theatre (with capacity to project 3D films onto a large screen); music room; recording studio (with the facility to record from 4 different rooms); a professional training kitchen for cooking and an on-site MUGA.

We are currently in negotiations for a sports facility, which will have a new 4G pitch, changing rooms and classrooms.


ICT and Computing are very important to our school, which  includes a range of innovative hardware, collaborative applications and cloud-based software.

Our vision for the school is to embrace modern, flexible technology to support and enhance the curriculum throughout the flexible learning environments we have created. Fundamental to our vision is for our students to become independent, self- directed learners and iCT will be an essential component in releasing this.

Safety is our primary concern to ensure hardware, software and Internet access is set up safely with excellent e-safety. We have a High Speed Internet connection provided by Bradford Learning Network (BLN). BLN is a not for profit provider of Fast, Reliable and Secure Internet access for schools.

All our staff are trained in e-safety and at the core of the curriculum is the commitment for responsible use of all technologies throughout the school.

At the heart of the concept for ICT is a vision for a cloud-based, flexible, connected learning environment working with some of the world leaders in technology like Apple and Google along with many others to ensure we are putting the latest and best technology into the hands of our students and staff to prepare them for the technology of the future.

“Enjoying the technology of today, preparing for the technology of the future.”