Apps For Everything

Apps for Everything – There are over 3 million apps now available for iOS and Android, over 300,000 of which are education focused. These figures continue to be rapidly increase by the day!

Every part of the curriculum is covered in some way. We have access to iTunesU, which is a library of education videos, documents, and apps that are delivered in structured courses to be used by anyone in education and it is totally free.

Google Apps – Docs, Sheets, Slides and Google Classroom are all free and provide full learning collaboration services across all devices; mobile, desktops and laptops. Google Chromebooks add to this suite of flexible, mobile learning devices.

Consume AND Create – critical for our learners is the consumption of knowledge and creation of learning content on mobile devices, the ability to collaborate with teachers and peers and to have the most suitable technology and apps to empower and enable them.