For OIAM Free School, collaborative engagement with ICT is fundamental. However, it doesn’t get in the way of learning. Rather, it encourages, supports and develops each individual to learn to the best of their abilities whilst developing life long skills with vocational relevance.

We employ mobile, flexible learning technologies throughout the school to engage learners to personalise and guide their own learning, work collaboratively with others and investigate and build on their own strengths, taking learning outside of the traditional confines of the four walls of a classroom into the digital lives of the learners, their families and communities.

We use Apple in Education and Google for Education products throughout the school including iPads, MacBooks and iMacs along with the Google Apps suite of educational software including Google Chrome books and Google Classroom.

The OIAM ICT Team has developed a strong relationship with Apple with regular communication with Apple Enterprise in Cork, Apple Distinguished Educators along with Apple Retail Stores and Training Centres.