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Welcome to One In A Million Free School Parent Information. Within the section you will find informative details about: admissions, behaviour, enrichment, equipment, holiday dates, learning conferences, letters home, lunch arrangements, starts/closing times, term dates and uniforms. Some of these pages will be regularly updated – we encourage you to become a regular visitor to our website.

The school  provides a mobile phone SMS texting service to all parents. This is useful when, for example, your child is delayed from a school trip or the school is closed due to bad weather. Please ensure that that school has your most up to date contact details (i.e. home address, landline, mobile and email address). Contact or telephone 01274 723439.



Dear Parents, Carers, 

Please refer to the attached documents for our guidance and student expectations in readiness for opening in September 2020.

For previous posts relating to Covid-19 click here, COVID-19 – School Opening Communication & Guidance

Thank you for your support.


School Day & Start Times: click here.

Enrichment, Intervention & After School Clubs:

Enrichment is a central and impactful part of the school time at One In A Million. Students can participate in our full enrichment programme as part of the extended school community programme, which is available to all students. All  children will be expected to achieve a minimum level of enrichment/intervention credits and will earn merits for this. There will be bronze, silver and gold awards and for those who excel, there will be a platinum award. Students collect hours and merits for attendance and excellence.

Enrichments will be selected in consultation with Coaching Team Leaders, parents and Heads of Year, dependent on what we feel is best for your child.

Lunch Arrangements:

Lunch is a split lunch and will be at either 12.40 pm or 1.05 pm each day. Students are encouraged to have a school dinner. There is also a grab and go selection available, which includes a sandwich, plus two chosen items from a selection of drinks, fresh fruit or slice of cake. Alternatively students can bring in a packed lunch if they prefer. Payments can be made via Parentmail at any time or in cash at Reception between 7.30 am and 8.15 am ONLY.

Free School Meals:

If your child currently receives a free school meal you must advise the benefits service of the change of school, this does not automatically happen.


All students are allocated a school locker to store their mobile phone etc as these are not to be kept on their person during the school day and you will need to purchase and bring in a padlock for this.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used on the premises and must remain switched off AT ALL TIMES. They should be stored in the student locker when they are in school. Please DO NOT attempt to contact your child on their mobile phone during school hours. If you need to make contact with your child please contact reception. Students who are found to be using their mobile phones will have their phones confiscated. Any phones confiscated during the week will be stored securely and returned to them on the Friday of that week.


It is important that your child is in school, please be aware that any holiday requests for time away from school during term time will not be authorised . Any appointments for doctors or dentists etc must, where possible, be made for outside school hours. Proof must be produced  for any appointments whenever a student has to leave school during the school day. No child will be allowed to leave school premises without proof being produced.

Behaviour Reviews:

There will be no exceptions to the behaviour review process. If students are required to stay after school, they will remain in school until the behaviour review is completed. Parent/Carers will receive a message via Parentmail approximately one hour before the end of the day. We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience, but request that you work with us and support us with this matter.

If you have an issue with a behaviour review you are requested to speak to the Head of Year the following day. Students who continuously fail to meet the school standard will be asked to complete a Principal’s Behaviour Review of two hours after school on a Friday.

Communication & Parentmail:

The majority of our communication with you will be through email or message using the Parentmail App. If your child is new to One In A Million, you will be sent a link so that you can create an account, if you require a new link please contact reception. On enrolment, we will be asking for your elected email address and if you do not have this facility we will support you to create one. As a school we have made the pledge that if you contact us, we will respond within 24 hours.