Behaviour For Learning

One In A Million Free School has a number of strategies and staff roles which support our students to understand and develop appropriate behaviours, responses and conduct.

  1. Student roles and Learning Coach responsibilities

In order to support our students’ wellbeing, development and success, each student has a Learning Coach and is a member of a specific Coaching Team. The Learning Coach knows each student, their dreams and aspirations, and acts as their advocate to support them in all aspects of their lives at OIAMFS. They use the Personal Guided Learning sessions to ensure that students understand the school’s expectations of them, are ready for learning and that all barriers to learning are removed. The Learning Coach advises their Coaching Team on the appropriate way to restore relationships.

  1. The Core Learning Skills Programme

Embedded in the OIAMFS curriculum is character development and core learning skills. This is a planned programme to develop students’ personal and interpersonal skills and behaviours, and their cultural understanding. In particular, it requires students to evaluate their values and the impact they have on their own behaviour.

  1. Rewards

At the heart of OIAMFS’s philosophy is the spirit of celebration and recognition that students should be rewarded. OIAMFS will work with its students and parents/carers to ensure the availability of genuine rewards that our students will value. The school council will always play a crucial role in determining our rewards system. Our Rewards system can be found in the Appendices.

  1. The Choice System

The basic premise for the Choice System is to place students’ behaviour in their own hands. “It’s your behaviour, it’s your choice”.

The Choice System works to reduce the impact of student disruption on teaching and learning throughout a single school day, because it is founded upon the following:

  • The first time a student fails to make the correct choice they will receive a verbal warning (consequence 1). If the student should choose to continue to make the wrong choice after the positive reinforcing in that lesson, or any future lessons that day, they will be given consequence 2, which is a 30minute behaviour review.
  • If a student should make two wrong choices before 13:10 on a single day, they will complete their Behaviour Review that day. Any student who receives a consequence 2 after 13:10 will complete their Behaviour Review the following day.
  • If any student continues to make the wrong choices after receiving consequence 2, they will be issued with a consequence 3, which indicates that the student has little intention of contributing positively to the learning environment/activity and will instead, spend the rest of the day in the Inclusion Room, in addition to receiving a one hour Behaviour Review. If a student receives consequence 3 before 13:10, they will complete their Behaviour Review that day. Any consequence 3 given after 13:10 will result in the student remaining in the inclusion room for the rest of that day including the following day plus the hour behaviour review.
  • Students who fail their time in the Inclusion Room, or fail to attend their Behaviour Review will spend the following day in the Inclusion Room and be expected to complete the Behaviour Review that evening.