The curriculum delivery of workshops is via our qualified teacher and specialist, Clare Sharpe. It promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, social development of all pupils whilst also supporting issues related to Ofsted grade descriptor: Personal development, behaviour and welfare. The schedule runs on either a morning 10-12noon, or afternoon 1-3pm (we can change the times depending on lunch and home time). Workshops are appropriate for years 3 to 6. Most schools we work with start with year 3 and progress to year 6, as the themes reinforce messages giving pupils a chance to decide on what’s right for them. Themes include:


  • Personal Safety: using a variety of games to look at dangerous situations on the road, in the home and also targetting fire and water safety.
  • Self Esteem: through different activities we explore what makes us feel happy and sad and how other people can affect this.


  • Anti Bullying: understanding what it is, why it happens and, through role play, look at strategies to deal with it.
  • All Different, All Equal: tackles racism in a creative way. It challenges individual pre-conceptions, highlighting similarities, differences and focuses on being unique and valued.
  • Safe Food and You: working with Environmental Health Dept. to raise awareness of basic food hygiene and the consequences of bad practice.


  • Drug Awareness: we encourage discussion of knowledge and experiences of different types of drugs with the emphasis on keeping safe around legal and illegal drugs.
  • Healthy Lifestyles: discuss how to achieve and maintain a healthy body through activities on nutrition and a well balanced diet.


  • Citizenship: through discussion and role play preparing pupils to take an active part as citizens, making wise decisions and looking at the consequences that may happen as a result of our decision making.
  • Friendships: focusing on different qualities of friendships and relationships, reflecting on each individual’s strengths.
  • Positive Me: (transition) enables pupils to prepare for changes during their transition. Emphasis is placed on maintaining a positive self image.