Here’s what the pupils say about us:

“I really enjoyed today, it was fun, and we got to see how people would feel if they were getting bullied”. (Woodside Academy)

“I loved it here because we had so much fun learning about different healthy foods”. (Wibsey Primary School)

“I learnt more about anti bullying, and why it is wrong, and how to stop it”. (Lister Primary)

“I learned a lot about bacteria and how to wash my hands properly”. (Fagley Primary)

“I had fun when we walked round the football pitch”. (Carrwood Primary School)

“A good chance to work together, and we got to do different activities. It has helped me now and in the future”. (Miriam Lord Community Primary)

“I learned a lot today. I enjoyed the anti-bullying activities”. (Bankfoot Primary School)

“It was very helpful. We got brilliant advice throughout the session. I am much more confident now!”.  (St James’ Church Primary)

“The lesson was very interesting and I enjoyed it. I also learnt a lot of new things. The room was great!”. (Margaret McMillan Primary)

“The activities were good and inspiring. I enjoyed the bingo game”. (Atlas Primary)

“Today was amazing. We did fun activities and I found out more about my friends”. (Copthorne Primary)

Here’s what the teachers say about us:

 “The children have taken some valuable life-tips…one child said “Miss, I think I need to apologise to [anonymous] because I called her a name and that’s ‘bullying’”. (Margaret McMillan Primary)

“It made some of my children reflect on their behaviour and how they were treating others”. (Bankfoot Primary)

“The session was brilliant. It was an interesting way for children to explore friendships and relationships”. (St. James Church School).

“Positive Lifestyle staff are very friendly and welcoming. The workshop had a good range of activities to cater for all learning levels of our pupils. As part of the visit, everyone enjoyed the chance to walk pitch side and see inside the changing rooms at Valley Parade, home of Bradford City AFC, which is next door to the OIAM Free School where Positive Lifestyle is based”. (Miriam Lord Community Primary School)

“From the moment our students arrived they were engaged, interested and felt secure enough to step outside of their boundaries and interact with the tasks. Workshops are always well structured and encourage our pupils to get talking about the subject matter. The culture always has a really positive and encouraging atmosphere”. (Blakehill Primary)

“Fantastic session – good communication and liaising between staff and pupils” (Woodside)

“Some quiet children really came out of their shell during the session. It really builds confidence”. (Miriam Lord)