Student In The Spotlight: Tasmia

Tasmia Tayyibah has made many fine contributions to her start at One In A Million Free School. In Art, Mrs Wheatley said, “She is a very talented artist, and I truly enjoy the passion she puts into her art work”. Another teacher added, “Tasmia is a very special student and one that I won’t forget, she lives and breathes the OIAM core values of compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence”.

It’s not just the teachers who acknowledge the impact Tasmia has on influencing culture and ethos, her fellow students also see her as an inspirational figure.

Riyahdur said, “Tasmia is a fantastic student. She sets a great example to us all”. Halima noted, “She is a good friend and always shows excellence in her work”. Hummam remarked, “Whenever anyone is struggling in class Tasmia is always there to support them, she is very compassionate and very supportive of everyone including the teachers”.

Well done Tasmia.

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